In this movie ‘Swing VPN’ is just freshly installed from the Participate in Shop and staying monitored by mitmproxy.

Following application startup, language collection and acceptance of privacy policy the application commences to figure out ‘real IP address’ by accomplishing a request to equally google and bing with query “what is my ip”. My guess is that the app just parses the returned HTML and figures IP from those responses. These ip ask for necessary, as we will see later on, to determine out which config documents to load. The app hundreds unique configs and does various steps based on not only place or area of the user but also on the online provider within the location.

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After the necessary config kind is discovered in this video the Swing VPN does a couple of requests to 2 diverse config information stored in personalized google generate account of the app creator. The config information are requested from distinct particular servers, a couple of github repositories or a pair google drive accounts.

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My guess is that config file area could be established by daytime but I have not used any time to verify that as it is not critical. As quickly as configs are retrieved the application connects to ad network to load ads. This concludes the cyberghost vpn reddit app initialization approach.

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Just after this app outlets facts into a community cache and proceeds to DDOS a website returned from the config. And this is how the application behaves more than time following remaining close. Hint it still tries to do it DDOS even nevertheless it is not staying made use of. From this log we can see that the app is requesting a precise endpoint of ‘tm/flights/search’.

Since flight look for is quite intense duties that calls for a great deal of databases and server sources then it is crystal clear that that the objective is to stress server out of sources so that normal people will never be in a position to acess it when desired. And even even though one ask for for each 10 seconds may possibly feel that it does not carrying out DDOS the difficulty is in volume of put in base. At the moment in the beginning of June 2023 it has more than 5 million set up base on android and even if you break up it by ten it has a potention of 500k RPS.

Which is rather remarkable to be able to manage for a small website penned probably in PHP. Sidenote: The application does not regard privacy. While doing this little investigation I uncovered out that the app does not care about privacy.

It almost certainly extra the button ‘I Take the privacy policy’ just to make playstore take the application but in truth it is just a button that does not do anything at all. In the video above I set up a fresh new variation of Swing VPN from playstore and then alternatively of urgent ‘I Take the privacy policy’ button I pressed which prospects to ‘Privacy Policy’ screen. And although I was skimming although the coverage the app previously started off sending my facts to advertisement network. At the similar time it was downloading configurations with information about which web-site to DDOS and begun executing the DDOS plan though I as studying the ‘Privacy Policy’.

Soon after I was carried out looking at I just pressed back again a few time thus informing the app that I am not agreeing to the time period but it is already late. The act of opening the application is sufficient for it start out it really is DDOS steps . The operation of the configurations. So we just went by way of outer seem of how the app app does it actions related to DDOS’ing other internet sites. But I could have mounted some other app in the qualifications possibly with very similar icon which did all the terrible stuff just to fool you. So now let’s dive further inside of the app and the actual configurations stored in the application which you can do you to confirm that it is certainly the ‘Swing VPN – Quick VPN Proxy’ that is accountable for all this steps.

Some typical data about android apk:The application takes advantage of 2 custom native libraries to just obfuscate it’s purpose and complicate the reverse engineering system.